“This Is My Solemn Vow”

Dear Readers, In 30 days, I get to marry the sweetest, most handsome man I have ever met. For the past few months, as I am reflecting on marriage, I have also thought of my patients in the nursing home. How much is their perspective on marriage truly different from my own? The time in […]

The God of Love is Not Your Ex

Dear Readers,

I am not sure how I am supposed to begin writing this. I only know that I am supposed to begin. So after putting it off for far too long, here it goes. This is the most vulnerable post I have written thus far. However, I do know that our pain is for a purpose and that the Lord is good, and He meets us in the darkest places.

Without going into lengthy detail, I will say that my relationships in the past have not always been healthy. My friends and family were helpless bystanders in some of the ugliest, toxic situations that I can only blame myself for getting into.

I was consumed, smothered, and quite frankly, determined to wallow there for the rest of my days.

When I finally came up for air, I found myself diving into the most satisfying, exhilarating, and (what I wanted more than anything) committed relationship. And this very moment was my undoing. Read More »

A Voice for Alzheimer’s Disease

Dear Readers,

No one likes talking about Alzheimer’s disease, but I am a firm believer in being educated on topics that may one day affect myself or my loved ones. Even though sometimes I like to pretend everyone I care about is invincible, it’s just not the reality. Many people think the forgetful person in their life is “just getting old and senile.” Before I became educated on this disease, that was a phrase that often came from my own mouth. But then my grandfather was diagnosed with dementia (which is caused by Alzheimer’s disease and/or other related neurological diseases). My family was dumbfound. Why? Because we were not educated and not equipped to discern the warning signs that my grandfather clearly displayed.

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Everyday’s a Monday

Dear Readers,

Have you ever encountered a person whose every word was encompassed by contempt, despair, and a sense of entitlement to the Lord’s blessings?

I am not talking about a person who is going through a season of clinical depression, but rather someone who is occupied by a grumbling heart.

You know who I am talking about. The acquaintance you tend to avoid meeting for lunch because despite your best efforts, after spending time with this person, you feel icky and in low spirits.

I am going to claim that every one of you has experienced this particular situation.

Next question: Have YOU ever been this person?

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Agendas for Accountability and Expectations

Dear Readers,

If you are anything like me, creating an agenda prior to therapy sessions is necessary. Of course this does not imply the session is going to adhere to anything you have planned. But, it is nice to have a guide that is individualized for your client (especially if your caseload is growing quickly). It can be difficult to keep track of each client’s goals and deficits you are targeting.
Easy Agenda

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