SNF Jeopardy

Dear Readers,


Target all of your cognition goals in one fun, familiar game. With my patients, I included the following categories to treat deficits related to word-finding (anomia), safety judgment, orientation, memory (immediate and distant), and categorization/organization skills.


Brittany’s Jeopardy Board 


100 – The room where you brush your teeth. (Bathroom/Restroom)

200 – A tool used to groom your hair. (Comb/Brush/Razor)

300 – Utensil that is used to drink liquids. (Straw)

400 – Clothing that is worn when it is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. (Warm clothing items/Coat/Gloves/Long Pants)

500 – A fruit that is small, round, and can be purple or green. (Grapes)

Safety Judgment/Reasoning (What should you do?)

100 – You find a puddle of water on your kitchen floor.

200 – You hear something outside of your window.

300 – It’s the middle of the night, and you realize you have no toilet paper.

400 – The bathtub is clogged and won’t drain.

500 – You drop a glass, and it shatters on your dining room floor.


100 -Today’s date.

200 – The name of this facility.

300 – A therapist you currently work with.

400 – The location of the lunch menu/What you are having for lunch today.

500 – A nurse working today.


100 – How do you contact NSG from your room?

200 – One activity you did in therapy yesterday.

300 – One goal you are working on in therapy.

400 – What you ate for lunch.

500 – Your roommate’s name.


100 – George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton (U.S. Presidents)

200 – China, Mexico, Canada (Countries)

300 – Period, Question Mark, Comma (Punctuation Marks)

400 – Blender, Washing Machine, Stove (Appliances)

500 – Bicycle, Bus, Limosine (Vehicles for Transportation)


All the best,

Brittany Fontenot, M.A., CF-SLP


“I lay down and slept;
    I woke again, for the Lord sustained me.”

Psalm 3:5


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